Student Affiliation Program

Student Registration

Program of Excellence

The PTS Student Affiliation Program partners with many prestigious universities within the Northeast Region and is recognized as a “Program of Excellence”. This program offers a unique educational experience in a welcoming and supportive environment. Select students work with our Clinical Instructors to gain the practical knowledge and hands-on training needed to excel.

PTS offers student affiliations in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech/Language Pathology and holds all Clinical Instructors/Fieldwork Coordinators to a high set of standards prior to being provided with the opportunity to mentor students in their affiliations.

Guidelines to Maximize the Experience

Our Student Affiliation Program is designed with weekly guidelines to assist the Clinical Instructor/Fieldwork Coordinator to provide comprehensive experiences each week. Additionally, our program offers a Performance Improvement Plan for those students facing challenges during their affiliations in order to facilitate success.

Center Coordinators of Clinical Education Sets Us Apart

PTS currently has four Center Coordinators of Clinical Education providing continual support to each individual student and mentor. These CCCEs have developed professional relationships with each of the universities thus allowing for a more integrated and supportive environment for the student and mentor.
Through this program, many students graduate and join the PTS family working in one of more than 80 facilities in the Northeast.
If you are interested in a Clinical Affiliation with one of our facilities, please contact your Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education at your university.