COVID-19 Partner Monitoring


To Our Valued Partners:

PTS wants to take a brief moment to share our actions and approach to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently experiencing. We want to assure all of our partners that we are monitoring the situation closely and have implemented critical planning to support our role in reducing the risk of transmission in our facilities and in limiting community spread. Our primary goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients, families and employees. PTS is following ALL CDC guidelines and complying with each Center’s approach to reducing risk within the communities we serve. We have encouraged our workforce to leverage our professional training in managing infectious disease, and supporting our facilities in a serious approach to infection control. While information is rapidly changing, our critical planning also includes encouraging “old-fashioned common sense.” We are encouraging our therapy teams to take an active role beyond our facilities, in their own communities, in an effort to protect our patients and residents who, as we all know are the most vulnerable. Things like teaching proper handwashing techniques, social distancing, and supporting families worried about their loved ones in our facilities are included in our approach. Overcoming the worst of this will “take a village” and PTS therapists are prepared to lead. Here are the steps we’ve taken so far:

  1.  We are complying with all CDC and center specific employee screening mandates. Any employee with symptoms: fever (100.4 or greater), cough, difficulty breathing, international travel or contact with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 diagnosis MUST stay home and alert center administration and PTS HR.
  2. In addition, we are complying with each center’s specific EE screening requirements that go beyond CDC guidelines. We continue to share information with our workforce and provide recommended CDC guidance through scheduled calls and virtual meetings.
  3. Our mandatory infection control annual training will be completed by all PTS staff with 100% compliance.
  4. Every therapist in every center must comply with CENTER specific infection control policy.
  5. As part of our discharge planning for patients returning to the community, we are incorporating patient education regarding COVID-19.
  6. Members of our regional team are in close contact with all departments and will limit their movement between facilities, especially in communities with KNOWN community spread.
  7. We have notified all students and academic institutions currently, or preparing to affiliate with us, that they are to follow same guidelines/screenings/competencies as our therapy teams.
  8. To the extent possible, at this time, we are limiting the sharing of staff with other area facilities and limiting use of per diem employees, however, as healthcare providers we must be prepared for potential staffing shortages as the virus spreads and are therefore ensuring we provide the necessary personnel to our centers. We are erring on the side of caution in “potential exposure” situations or indirect contact.
  9. We will immediately begin to limit group therapy and activities and will comply with center policies with respect to quarantine. We will be prepared to provide rehabilitation services in individual rooms as necessary. This will require a “triage” approach to services and will include ensuring medically necessary services and the continuity of skilled care. Each department is currently working on a plan so when the time comes, we will be ready to act.
  10. We will practice social distancing in gyms with patients no closer than 6 feet and limiting the number of patients in the space.
  11. Working with PTS leadership, each department is preparing a critical plan to prepare for “what-If” situations with the goal to ensure continuity of care and to protect our residents, workforce and their families.
  12. PTS is your partner in care and we will work hand-in-hand with center administration for an “all hands-on-deck” approach to this epidemic. Our leadership will remain in constant contact with center administrators and operators to ensure we are part of your comprehensive approach to containment and mitigation.

We are mindful of how our plan will affect day-to day operations and personal lives, but we remain committed to protecting our patients, residents and employees above all else. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and keep everyone updated. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

Best Regards,


Liz Almeida-Sanborn, President and CEO
Preferred Therapy Solutions
P: 860-610-0400