Jimmo vs. Sebelius

Last week, CMS announced the release of its Jimmo-specific website is expected in the next couple of weeks.


In February, the court in Jimmo vs. Sebelius approved a Corrective Statement to be used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to affirmatively disavow the use of an “Improvement Standard” for Medicare coverage. The government will use the statement as part of its Corrective Action Plan, which was ordered by the Court to remedy noncompliance with the Jimmo Settlement.


CMS will be publishing the Corrective Statement on the new webpage dedicated to Jimmo. The webpage will also include Frequently Asked Questions and Jimmo-related documents and resources. The Corrective Action Plan also includes additional training for Medicare contractors and adjudicators. The Plan must be fully implemented by September 4, 2017.


Source: NASL

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