Internal Auditing

Health care organizations are drawing intense scrutiny from regulatory and ruling bodies demanding high-quality care and compliance with health care rules and regulations. As these rules and regulations evolve, Preferred Therapy Solutions utilizes strategic solutions to manage compliance and risk.

Our Audit Professional Sets Us Apart

PTS’s on-site, regionally focused internal audit function employs a systematic, consistent, standard-based, disciplined approach to protect against the impact of non-compliance. In addition to formal, comprehensive audits which occur on a regular basis, audits are performed as needed or required. Additionally, PTS performs an annual CQI audit of every PTS facility.

Audits don’t just end there. Our auditing expert will continue to follow up, monitoring each facility’s audit results to ensure ongoing compliance and assist our partners in successful survey preparation.

Strive for Excellence!

Our rehab departments strive to be awarded our annual “Excellence Award”, which recognizes achieving PTS “Benchmarks for Excellence” based on audits which occur throughout the year and at year-end.